What makes AmeriFirst Different?

We all know there are a million different lenders, bankers and brokers out there and everyone basically gets their money from the same place. Well let’s say 95% of the time the money comes from the same place. So how does a company stand out? Here are 8 reasons The Spring Mortgage Team @ AmeriFirst stands out from the crowd.

1 – Our People

We are a team and we are a family; a small group of, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers best friends and college teammates and roommates.

2 – Our Communication

Communication is by far the most important part of the loan process. Our calendar system and open access to everyone on the team insures each buyer, their respective Realtor and Sales Rep know exactly where we stand every week.

3 – Our PYT Program

Protect Your Transaction is a $10,000 closing assurance program that pays the buyer $10,000 if we fail to perform on our loan commitment. All our resale buyers have the option to participate in PYT. For new construction clients to use this program AmeriFirst must be on builder’s preferred lender list.

4 – Our Flexibility

We are a Fannie direct Seller/Servicer and a full correspondent mortgage banker and broker with 20+ investors. We underwrite to the manual with virtually no overlay requirements. We take a common sense approach to underwriting, a refreshing change to what some other lenders experience.

5 – Our Technology

MyAFILoan.com is an industry leading mortgage app. Our clients can see what documents are needed, upload those documents and even print their prequalification letter.

6 – Our Speed

With the PYT program we issue a fully underwritten mortgage loan commitment within 15 calendar days. In 2015 78% of our existing home files were clear to close in 17 days or less. We saved 19 loans last minute for builders and sellers when other lenders failed to perform.

7 – Our Reputation

We have done hundreds of loans as a team and collectively thousands over our time in this business. Our clients, realtors and referral partners think very highly of us. We have a long list of testimonials that continues to grow.

8 – Our Niche Programs

Up to 95% jumbo loans, FHA down to 580 credit with no overlay, 80% LTV 1 day out of BK/Foreclosure/Short sale, Bank statement loans for the self-employed, asset depletion

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